Your website has 3 seconds to make a first impression. If the visitor is not interested by then they will leave (straight to your competitors site). Good looks and great user experience are crucial in web.

Camo team builds user-friendly, clear and easy-to-understand web solutions that create positive emotions.

UI and UX are piece of cake to us. What are they? UI is user interface – what the visitor sees on your website. UX is user experience – what the visitor feels on you website, whether they are comfortable and feels satisfied with the website.

In addition to website we are ready to create the whole visual identity for your company: logos, color schemes, brand manuals, illustrations.


Website has to look good – it is your business card and sales channel. Don’t forget that around 65% of the visits come from mobile devices. We always create scaling websites – they work well on both computers and mobiles.

What are the key factors in a good website? Easily readable font, clear info, user-friendly structure, visually pleasant appearance.

We use the most popular and easy-to-manage content management system – WordPress. It’s a great foundation for wide variety of websites from simple portfolios and blogs to custom interactive solutions.

After finishing the website we will continue to support you by administrating and developing it further if needed.


Mobile pages

Landing pages


Open 24/7, only one search away from billions of people – when done right, a webshop has potential to conquer the world.

In Camo we can create very simple webshops for few dozen products and also more complex solutions with thousands of products and integrations to inventory management and other systems. We mostly work with Woocommerce and Prestashop platforms.


Transport modules

Import and export of products


You want a bit more special features to your website or webshop? We can create the digital solution you need using agile software development.

We create multifunctional solutions that are based on user experience design best practises.

We can properly create special solutions for your webshop and website, be it interactive order form, ad portal or something completely unique.

We feel at home with all these abbreviations: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, React.js, Node, Git, Laravel, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Booking systems


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