Why Vue.js is the best front end framework out there

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The selection of front end frameworks is as extensive as one would imagine. There’s React, someone mentioned Angular, and then there’s Vue.js. Which one to choose though? No worries, we’re here to help. Camo offers you a thorough explanation why Vue is the best option. 

Firstly, Vue.js is, at the moment, the most sought-after Javascript framework. It has more than 140 000 stars on GitHub. Thanks to that, it beats React and Angular by far. 

And, the global developers community seems to agree with the notion. There’s even scientific proof: according to the State of JavaScript survey, the amount of developers who’d use it again grew from 19.6% in 2017 to 28.8% in a year. Vue also got 91.2% satisfaction approval as a framework by its users. Impressive, right? 

But, let’s dive into a more nuanced insights of Vue.

So, why is Vue the best?

  • The main focus of Vue is the view layer, i.e., pages, UI and other visual elements. Thanks to that the framework is fairly easy to integrate into existing projects. 
  • Vue.js attracts developers because its flexibility and scalability. You’d just need a library or a full-featured framework to build an entire product. And, its component-based architecture works perfectly when wanting to build apps for future scaling.
  • It’s easy. You don’t need any prior knowledge of ES2015, TypeScript, JSX, or build systems. You just need a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and you’re all set. Now, go and conquer the world! 
  • Vue is super accessible. Additionally being simple to use, it’s also very handy to use for the entire team working on the same project. The integration process is easy and fast. 
  • Vue keeps all the info in the data object. Other systems don’t and that might need additional rendering and modification of related parts.
  • Vue has a progressive nature, i.e., the frameworks journey into your codebase can be gradual. There’s no need for rework. Instead, take the step-by-step approach and go component by component. As a result, the entire project will be more manageable.
  • Last, but not least, Vue has its own DevTools. Why is it a good thing? It simplifies the process of application debugging, but also if you’d like to check the state and hierarchy of components.

There you have it. Hope we’ve managed to convince you that Vue really is the best there is at the moment. If not, give us a shout and we’ll give it another go. Write to us!

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